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    Chocolate Donut Topper (special offer)

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    I walk a thin line as a healthy foodie. I love my cheat meals and seem to dream of donuts more than the average person. That being said, my CHOCOLATE DONUT SEASONING is my tribute to cheat meals and the idea that a sprinkle of my chocolate donut seasoning will get me through the day. Made with real cocoa and spices like: cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg, this seasoning tastes like a fresh, warm chocolate donut in a bottle. Delicious on fruit, oatmeal, coffee and many baking dishes. Chocolate donut seasoning is an easy way to enjoy the taste of fresh donuts without the guilt.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 691 reviews
    Kat R.
    Good ingredients!

    Honestly, it was better than expected and when you look at the ingredients you can see why. Even a teaspoon straight into my mouth has been helping with sweet cravings. Bottle was bigger than expected.

    Kari McLaughlin
    Chocolate Donut

    This stuff is good!! So far I’ve used it in oatmeal and coffee! Both were great! I will buy this again.

    Lori R
    Chocolate Donut Topper

    This is my favorite, I use some in my coffee most days, I gifted a bottle to my son and daughter-in-law on my recent visit. I give a sprinkle on top of my cool whip and so many more things.

    Wendy Schebaum

    I think it taste like plastic.

    Annissa B.
    Really diggin' the Chocolate Donut!!

    I am so glad I bought 3 to start with! I was attracted by the intriguing blend and it did not disappoint! Most importantly, it doesn't have chemicals added, which I must avoid due to severe allergies. I have used it to make chocolate donut "brownies", I sprinkled it on my french toast, added it to my rice cereal, brewed it with my coffee and added it into a homemade BBQ sauce to slather on my steak - yeah, that was bangin'!! Thank you guys for an awesome product! I will be trying more as needed. Keep those seasonings clean from chemicals and I will be a customer for life!!