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Viva La Flavor Combo

Viva La Flavor Combo

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Don’t wait till happy hour to celebrate, pile on the plates of tacos, nachos, and tortillas, the party starts now!!

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(5 Flavors)
View details for Cajun Lovers Seasoning included in Viva La Flavor Combo
View details for Fiesta Sweet & Tangy Topper included in Viva La Flavor Combo
View details for Ghost Seasoning included in Viva La Flavor Combo
View details for Taco Tuesday Seasoning included in Viva La Flavor Combo
View details for Hot Wings Seasoning included in Viva La Flavor Combo

Cajun Lovers Seasoning

Cajun Lovers Seasoning is included in Viva La Flavor Combo

Fiesta Sweet & Tangy Topper

Fiesta Sweet & Tangy Topper is included in Viva La Flavor Combo

Ghost Seasoning

Ghost Seasoning is included in Viva La Flavor Combo

Taco Tuesday Seasoning

Taco Tuesday Seasoning is included in Viva La Flavor Combo

Hot Wings Seasoning

Hot Wings Seasoning is included in Viva La Flavor Combo



All our seasonings are blended and bottled in USA. We pride ourselves in using the best raw spices, and never compromise on quality.


There is no place for preservatives when it comes to high quality, healthy seasonings. No GMOs, MSG, fillers, anti-caking agents, or any other junk either. Just pure, clean flavor!


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jason Yeagler
Spice it up

Great variety of flavor profiles and heat levels. These are great on anything. I’m plant based and spices help to keep the diet interesting and add new flavors to my go-to dishes. Highly recommend no matter how you eat of what you eat!

Fox Townsend
All garlic

They are ok spice blends, but the chefs clearly are in love with garlic. Most of their spices seem to taste more like garlic than anything else. I came here because I love spicy food, and I was looking for a good and hot spice seasoning, so I ordered the ghost seasoning. It was spicy, sure, but I got more garlic than heat. It tastes like spicy garlic powder, and that is not what I was looking for. Maybe their habanero is better, but I doubt it since the first ingredient is garlic. They already have so many seasonings that focus on the garlic, such as garlic lovers, lemon and garlic, garlic and herb salt, so I don’t see the need to put it as the first or second ingredient in everything they make! It’s even the first ingredient in ranch and nacho cheese! Overall if you’re one of those cooks who triples the garlic in your recipes, you’ll likely love these spices. I like garlic, but It’s too much.

Brian McCormick
Viva la flavor combo

This has been my favorite order from flavorgod so far. They all really complement each other! GREAT JOB putting this combo together!

Alicia Wagner
Great seasoning

My husband love these seasoning we tried almost everyone now. Bought a bunch for him . He loves to cook . They all taste so good and amazing .

Lou Smedley

I was so excited to get these. I've tried a few others and loved them. I've heard so much about them. Trying them, I was less impressed. I spent all that money and the flavors are just eh. They are muted and not anything soecial.


Christopher Wallace started blending his own seasonings after realizing how much sodium, sugar and preservatives are added to store bought seasonings. He made a vow to never add any fillers or preservatives - 150 countries and over 1 million customers later FlavorGod Seasonings are still guilt-free.

Chris Wallace


  • Q: Are all of these flavors spicy?

    A: Our Ghost seasoning is the spiciest in the bundle. Our Chipotle and Cajun also have a small kick to them but are not overpowering. The remaining ones are not spicy

  • Q: What are the ingredients of the Ghost seasoning?

    A: The ingredients include garlic, onion, sea salt, ghost chili, black pepper, coriander, cayenne pepper, basil, parsley, and cumin.

  • Q: Can these be used on meat?

    A: Yes of course! You are able to use all of these delicious flavors on various types of meat

  • Q: What makes Flavor God different from other seasoning brands?


    A: Flavor God uses all natural ingredients but most important, our seasonings are crafted with health in mind. We understand that a lot of seasonings out there are filled with sodium and other unwanted ingredients. That is why our blends are very low in sodium and sacrificing nutritional value is not an option for us

  • Q: Where are your seasonings made?

    A: We use herbs and spices from around the world and our seasonings are crafted in the USA

  • Q: Why was my product not filled to the top?

    A: Each of our seasonings has its own net weight based on the density of the ingredients used. Since we use the same bottle for all of our flavors, some might look like they do not contain as much as other flavors.