Flavor God: Foodie Meets Healthy

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Flavor God: Foodie Meets Healthy

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The brand new FlavorGod "Foodie meets Healthy" recipe Ebook is finally here! Not only is it packed with recipes that will take your taste buds where they have never gone before, but recipes that will help even the worst cook look like a pro next to that stove top. Once you’ve mastered this Ebook with your FlavorGod Combo Pack of Seasoning, you’ll be auditioning for Top Chef on the Food Network, guaranteed. Are you ready to impress anyone that walks into your kitchen? Look no further, this Ebook was made just for you. Let there be FLAVOR ! The FlavorGod Foodie meets Healthy ebook was comprised by FlavorGod Chef and Creator Chris Wallace in the comfort of his FlavorGod kitchen. He wanted to bring his favorite Foodie + Healthy recipes using the Combo Pack of seasonings from his kitchen to yours. With this Ebook you will have access to 21 recipes for all hours of the day. These meals are guaranteed to get your mouth and kitchen rockin, with your neighbors knockin! Let there be FLAVOR !

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