Spice Rack - White (Seasonings Not Included)

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Spice Rack - White (Seasonings Not Included)

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  • Spice Rack - White (Seasonings Not Included)
  • Spice Rack - Granite (Seasonings Not Included)

Organizes your cluttered spice collection. With a unique pull-down spice rack drawer design, you can locate whatever spice you need, whenever you need it. Adjustable dividers help you customize the space for various-sized spice bottles and you can use the included labels to spot spices quickly too. No more rifling through disorganized spice cabinets! With large storage capacity (24+ spice bottles) and built-in organization, you'll be cooking like a pro.

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Universal Flip-Down Drawers

Drawers pull out and lower to resting position for quick, easy access to all your spices.
The patented design brings spices from the back of the cabinet out to you (at eye-level) so you can find and reach bottles in a snap.

Key Benefits
  • Three drop-down drawers
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Let you pick the right height to fit spices
  • Includes 100 removable drawer labels
  • Stays in place with soft, non-slip feet
  • Fits up to 24 Flavor God Seasoning Bottles


Does the Spice Rack include seasonings?
The Spice Rack does NOT include the seasonings. The bottles in the photo are to show it will fit FlavorGod seasonings, two rows per tray.

How big is this rack?
The adjustable Spice Rack's dimensions are as follows: 10.4" W x 10.9" D x 8.3" H. The 3 dividers allow for the height of each drawer to be customizable for whatever height is needed.

Are the drawers removable?
No, the drawers are not removable from the main unit.

Can this be mounted?
The Rack is an in-cabinet, pantry or counter-top solution and is not recommended for mounting. The weight of unopened drawers keeps the unit firmly in place with no installation required.

Is this all plastic?
The Spice Rack itself is made of ABS Plastic, the soft non-skid feet are made out of rubber.

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