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Hands down the best food seasoning i have ever had, they taste great on almost anything. I can’t wait to try out the holy bbq on my chicken tomorrow and to try the beef jerky.
Omg, game changer. Takes care of my sweet tooth so well seriously 😍 have been loving all my prep meals lately, I actually look forward to every single one!
The first thing we pack! Obsessed ❤️👅Camping with out main squeeze 😍Flavorgod makes everything taste amazing. Veggies come alive and turkey burgers over the campfire are 10x more delicious. Thank you flavorgod!
@flavorgod i received these and I cannot tell you how happy I am!!! I have tried both in the last two days and I am hooked!!! I cannot believe these have no calories and they make my overnight oats so much better!!! Thanks for getting these to me so quick and you have yourself a new, and returning customer!
I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with these spices. I ran out of my favorites everything spicy and the garlic lovers and I thought my food had went on bland mode. New ones garlic and herb salt and cajun lovers. We’ll see if I fall in love again. If you have not trued these @flavorgod seasonings you’ve got to step up. No preservatives, no msg, no sugar, and low sodium.
Man oh man oh man! I can’t get enough of this stuff.. The amount of feels I get once a new order comes in is the kind of stuff you read about in romance novels! Okay maybe not that dramatic but I am in love with this stuff! @flavorgod has become a staple in the Bodden household and the collection just keeps growing! I am at least a 4 star chef using this stuff… At least! If you have not tried it yet! Do yourself a goodness and do it! Hope everyone’s having a good week! Do good today! And do it great!
This is my first time trying #flavorgod seasoning on the frill and OH MY GISH! You can tell the quality of this product just by the smell! I wish you’ll could smell what I’m smelling right now. I’m so glad i bought as many seasonings as I did… I think the grill and I just became best friends. Thanks @flavorgod

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