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Pizza Seasoning (Add-On Offer)

Pizza Seasoning (Add-On Offer)

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    Pizza Seasoning (Add-On Offer)

    The Pizza seasoning is great on EVERYTHING. Some examples include; chicken, vegetables, rice, steak, popcorn, and fish. It literally makes anything taste like pizza. For those clean eaters on prep, ... Read More

    Does it fit my diet?

    • Gluten Free
    • Dairy Free
    • Non GMO
    • Kosher
    • Keto
    • Paleo
    • Vegan
    • No Fillers
    • No Msg
    • No Sugar
    • 0 Carbs
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    What can I use it on?

    • Eggs
    • Chicken
    • Beef
    • Pork
    • Shrimp
    • Turkey
    • Burgers
    • Seafood
    • Potatoes
    • Vegetables
    • Tofu
    • Pasta
    • Sauces
    • Dips
    • Popcorn
    • Salad
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    What are the ingredients?

    + Tomato Powder, Garlic, Paprika, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Basil Leaves, Coriander Powder, Oregano, and Parsley Flakes

    Are there any allergens?

    + Seasonings are mixed in a facility that may use peanut, tree nuts, milk, soy, shellfish, fish, wheat, and egg ingredients.


    Pizza Seasoning (Add-On Offer) RECIPE CORNER


    All our seasonings are blended and bottled in USA. We pride ourselves in using the best raw spices, and never compromise on quality.


    There is no place for preservatives when it comes to high quality, healthy seasonings. No GMOs, MSG, fillers, anti-caking agents, or any other junk either. Just pure, clean flavor!


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 671 reviews

    They gave me one that was already a little too old

    Cassie Stamper

    It was great!

    shawneshia hoover

    I was always on the fence with this product but decided to give them a try on their $5 sale. My favorite seasonings are the sweet ones. You cannot go wrong with sweets. Unfortunately the herb based seasonings did not live up to the hype. The Italian, lemon ppr, pizza and bacon all were subtly tasting on the finger but in the food had zero flavor in my opinion. I find that these seasonings are best a flor enhancers for snakes like popcorn. When mixed with food they loose any possible taste. Just my opinion.

    Jeanne Kenny
    Best seasonings!!

    Love it! Tastes exactly like a slice of pizza. Delicious on meat & pasta!


    Great taste. I use it on salad, chicken, eggs, veggies etc. Just enough spiciness without being overwhelming.


    Christopher Wallace started blending his own seasonings after realizing how much sodium, sugar and preservatives are added to store bought seasonings. He made a vow to never add any fillers or preservatives - 150 countries and over 1 million customers later FlavorGod Seasonings are still guilt-free.

    Chris Wallace


    • Q: Is clumping normal for this product?

      A: Clumping may occur depending on where the seasoning is stored and what the temperature of the area is. Simply give it a few good shakes and you'll be good to go! We recommend storing our seasonings in a cool, dry place to avoid this from happening

    • Q: What can I use this on?

      A: Our Pizza seasoning can be used on chicken, fish, french fries, and of course pizza

    • Q: Is there a lot of sodium in this seasoning?

      A: Our Pizza seasoning contains only 20mg of sodium per 1/4 tsp serving

    • Q: Does this taste like pizza sauce?


      A: Our Pizza seasoning does have tomato powder as one of the ingredients so it definitely does have the tomato taste of pizza

    • Q: Are there any artificial dyes in it that makes it this color?

      A: No, our products do not contain any artificial dyes or coloring. We only use all natural ingredients

    • Q: Why was my product not filled to the top?

      A: Each of our seasonings has its own net weight based on the density of the ingredients used. Since we use the same bottle for all of our flavors, some might look like they do not contain as much as other flavors.