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    Awesome in my coffee

    Lover of Garlic Lovers

    Of all the FlavorGod products I have found Garlic Lovers my go to favorite. It just a quality product and a pleasure to use. The ingredients are measured in proper quantities to insure a great taste and flavor profile

    These Spices are Fabululous

    These spices are the best; the Chocolate Donut is liked by my husband and I like the Buttery Cinnamon Roll. I use the Garlic Lovers on practically everything. So glad I found these and I will be ordering more in time.

    So good

    We’ve eyed Flavor God for months. We got a pack of 7 & have loved each flavor. Yay!!!

    Great everything spice and low sodium

    Fine spice most are good but Never buy the Garlic and Herb Salt! Never.....sodium high blood pressure in a bottle.... :(

    Game changer

    I still love melty, stringy, gooey cheese, but it is awesome to have an alternative for Mexican dishes that tastes incredible. I will definitely buy this one again!


    Love the spices from flavor God! Flavor God is all you need.

    Didn’t enjoy a lot of your spices

    Too much onion and garlic and a lot had an after taste with chunks of spice which wasn’t pleasant when but into when put on chicken

    Well I feel the holes are too big easy too much comes out

    Never received this product!

    Munchies Combo Pack

    Everything Seasoning

    Love it!

    The bottles are bigger than I expected, and the taste and smell are amazing! Great with chicken cutlets and vegetables.

    Taste great

    The wife really enjoys this. It’s great on chicken and veggies.

    My Favorite Spices!

    My family is big on clean healthy eating and these spices are awesome. We use them every single day! I love the fact they include sea salt and not other salts. The everything seasoning, garlic, and taco seasonings are our main choices.

    My Go To!

    I put this on everything!!


    I have loved all the flavors and mixing and matching the flavors to

    Not Nacho

    Tastes like cumin. Not bad on popcorn with butter but it resembles taco seasoning and not cheese.

    Bombed with Flavor

    Ambushed by so much flavor, I’m in love with “Everything” on everything now 💣 💥 🤯 So in ❤️ with Garlic 🧄 lovers

    Tasty Seasoning!

    First time trying this seasoning and it was great!

    So Good!

    I was not disappointed. This very good!


    It's a nice little bit of sweet and cinnamon. I use it with cayenne pepper to make a low sweet pepper bacon.

    Seal issue

    On my last reoccurring shipment of buttery cinnamon roll, the flavor seal was not completely sealed and some of the deliciousness spilled out into the shopping box. I’m just a little skeeved at the idea of consuming from this bottle.

    Love the product, will continue to order.

    Yummy Chocolate Donut Topper

    I was a little hesitant to purchase this chocoloate donut topper as I was skeptical that a zelo calorie spice will actually taste like a donut. I am happy that I did give it a try because it is delicious! I like to add it to my plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and especially on top of my air popped pop corn. So good!

    Keto Combo Pack

    Omgosh! These flavors are soooo good! Thank you for making such a quality product at an affordable price! I appreciate the fact that they’re not too salty and just packed with flavor! 😍