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Classic Combo Set

Classic Combo Set

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FlavorGod's first 4 seasonings! The OG's that are the staples of flavor, meal prep, and tasty cooking! From Everything Seasoning that can ... Read More

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(4 Flavors)
View details for Everything Seasoning included in Classic Combo Set
View details for Everything Spicy Seasoning included in Classic Combo Set
View details for Lemon & Garlic Seasoning included in Classic Combo Set
View details for Garlic Lover's Seasoning included in Classic Combo Set


Everything Seasoning is included in Classic Combo Set

Unlock a world of explosive flavors with Flavor God Everything Seasoning. A divine blend of herbs and spices, it transforms any dish into a culinary masterpiece. Taste the magic


Everything Spicy Seasoning is included in Classic Combo Set

Ignite your taste buds with FLAVOR GOD EVERYTHING SPICY Seasoning—a fiery fusion of heat and flavor that adds a kick to any dish

Lemon & Garlic Seasoning

Lemon & Garlic Seasoning is included in Classic Combo Set

Fusion of zesty citrus and aromatic garlic capturing the essence of freshly ground garlic, paired perfectly with a zesty lemon twist & fresh herbs.

Garlic Lover's Seasoning

Garlic Lover's Seasoning is included in Classic Combo Set

A premium blend all about garlic. It combines aromatic spices, herbs, and fresh garlic, enhancing your dishes with a burst of rich flavor.


Classic Combo Set RECIPE CORNER


All our seasonings are blended and bottled in USA. We pride ourselves in using the best raw spices, and never compromise on quality.


There is no place for preservatives when it comes to high quality, healthy seasonings. No GMOs, MSG, fillers, anti-caking agents, or any other junk either. Just pure, clean flavor!


Customer Reviews

Based on 1046 reviews
Chris Ledrew

Great stuff taste delicious

Katie k

I would 100% recommend these seasonings! All of them taste so good!

TeTerria Johnson

Classic Combo Set

Maria Sizemore

Classic Combo Set

Francine Price

Classic Combo Set


Christopher Wallace started blending his own seasonings after realizing how much sodium, sugar and preservatives are added to store bought seasonings. He made a vow to never add any fillers or preservatives - 150 countries and over 1 million customers later FlavorGod Seasonings are still guilt-free.

Chris Wallace


  • Q: Are these seasonings vegan?

    A: Yes, these flavors are vegan

  • Q: What is the shelf life of these seasonings?

    A: The shelf life of our seasonings is 12 months after you open them. We recommend storing them in a cool, dry place.

  • Q: Why is this called the Classic Combo Pack?

    A: These are our first four flavors that Chris Wallace came out with when he started Flavor God making these the "classics"

  • Q: What makes Flavor God different from other seasoning brands?


    A: Flavor God uses all natural ingredients but most important, our seasonings are crafted with health in mind. We understand that a lot of seasonings out there are filled with sodium and other unwanted ingredients. That is why our blends are very low in sodium and sacrificing nutritional value is not an option for us

  • Q: Where are your seasonings made

    A: We use herbs and spices from around the world and our seasonings are crafted in the USA

  • Q: Why was my product not filled to the top?

    A: Each of our seasonings has its own net weight based on the density of the ingredients used. Since we use the same bottle for all of our flavors, some might look like they do not contain as much as other flavors.